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After you join please post this small survey so we can all get to know each other

:favorite bands/type of music:
:last show you attended:
:When did you start going to shows?:
:Why do you like to dance/mosh? How long have you been doing it?:
:tell us a funny story about something that happened to you at a show:
:post a nice, clear picture of yourself or something else:

feel free to add any questions!

This is a community for girls who:

-Go to shows and mosh/dance/whatever just like the boys do.

-May not get in with the moshing action, but they don't mind getting knocked around like a rag doll

-Don't bitch when they get bumped into, or when someone steps on their shoes.

-Help contribute to their music scene by distributing flyers, helping with booking, promoting bands and things like that.

-Are in a band

-Have a zine or anything like that

-People who don't do any of the above but are just intrested.

-Guys! Guys can join too! You may just think it's cool that girls don't hide in the shadows of the music scene.


Who this is NOT for:

-This community is not here to say that in the scene there is a war between guys and girls on who can rule their scene or kill the most people in a mosh pit. It's just about girls being recognized for doing some things that traditionally, many people only think that guys do.

-Girls to bitch about guys or how some guy punched you in the face accidently and smuged your eyeliner. Let's all try to get along okay?

-Girls who sleep with every member of a band because it makes them cooler. Don't mention that you've seen band members cock and it was so big it poked your eye out and you lost some teeth.

-This isn't a feminist community. Feminists are welcome to join but don't talk about how much you hate men. lol

What's not allowed

1. NO music bashing. Don't hate on someone because they don't like the same music you do. Everyones different, deal with it or go get fucked.

I think that's all. I'm a pretty slack person who doesn't get easily offended so just don't piss me off and i won't eat your brains.

What is allowed

1. Posting pictures from shows and probably anything else.

2.Community promotion as long as you don't overdo it.

3.Promotions for your zine, local shows,bands or distros

**This community is open to everyone no matter what type of music you like**

Post alot! Have fun! and if you can think of anything that I can add to this page or the interests, let me know!

Also if you have a good background or icon for a suggestion lemme know cause i can't think of one.

By the way. If you join here. POST SOMETHING. don't just lurk around.thanks

Support local music!

join this community if you are a girl who go to shows and mosh/dance.
hit it up. its kind of our "sister site" i guess you could say


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