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how many girls out there can say they have actually danced/moshed before? probably not alot, or maybe it's more than we think.

why don't more girls dance at shows?

i wish i could go to a show in the city and see at least one girl do more than two-step for a couple seconds.
I want to see girls "throwing down" and enjoying themselves at a show and not having to worry about some dickhead fucking with them for dancing.

the first time Katie and I danced in colonial heights, this group of 15/16 year olds (who weren't even dancing) felt like it was their duty to yell at my friend, "NO CLIT IN THE PIT SWEATS LIKE A FAT HOG!"
she was wearing a shirt that said NO CLIT IN THE PIT, with the NO crossed out.

in her words, "excuse me for sweating while i participate in a high energy activity"
and some people, her, just have the tendency to sweat a whole lot. is this their fault? no its really not. its hereditary.

then they tried to trip us. it didn't work because they suck, but still the fact that these little assholes felt the need to be jackasses just burns my ass up.

part of it was probably also because i said something to them for heckling and yelling at this kid who wasn't a very good dancer and who just looked goofy. i dont like bullies and i can't stand around and let someone get fucked with when its just uncalled for. the kid wasn't being an ass like some kids who cant dance and he was only dancing at the beginning when no one was around for the first band really. so no harm was done, he wasn't in the way and he was just having fun.

so we figured that was all we'd probably get out of them.

so at the feb. 5th show, we're dancing and the lights are off so I don't know who said this, katie said it was this kid anthony but i dont even remember seeing him so yea i dont know.

once again

I stopped and turned around and screamed that they were real fucking funny and to grow up.
what am i supposed to say to that?
part of me wishes i would have had the balls and strength to run back there and rip someone a new one.
i dont like being put in a situation where i have to talk shit back to someone, i dont really like confrontation but i'm not gonna run from it.

I didn't hear anything else after that, i think they left.

all i'm saying is that shit like this is just uneccessary and it shouldn't happen. girls should be able to dance along with guys and not get shit for it. even if they do suck at it.

I mean shit i've seen guys that dance worse than I do so why aren't they saying shit to them?

so far these are the only incidents I have had and no one has ever directly said anything to me. but i dont like when people fuck with my friends so its kind of like its also towards me.

and i just want to give a big sincere thank you to every guy i have danced around and they've been completely cool about it.
they don't tone down their dancing for us because that's not what we want,
if we get kicked or fucked up they apologize but we know it just comes along with the package and if we didn't want to get beat up then we would just stand to the side and hold someones jacket

if we kick them or something similar we'll make sure they're okay and just go back to doing our thing. thats just how it works.

we all treat each other like a big family and if some kid is being a jerk or is doing something to endanger themself then someone gets them out of the way so that he doesn't hurt someone or themself from being stupid.

even before when i used to just go to punk shows, it was the same way, if someone fell down you had like 10 people trying to pick them up so they didn't get hurt or trampled. no one was really an ass about anything and it was realy nice to feel like you belonged somewhere.

so to all you guys who are so concerned with "bitches" dancing at your shows, get over it because it's only going to get worse for you once girls stop being scared of it.

to all you girls who want to dance at shows but are scared, start small, go to local shows in small towns to get a feel and work yourself up, it will make you more comfortable with it. and dont take shit, if some guy is being a dick to you, let someone know or deal with it yourself if you think you can.

and people, if you see someone fucking with a girl for dancing, say something, don't just let this sexist shit slide. and if she's not doing something right then let her know. and

EDUCATE, share what you know

and to all the girls who already dance at shows, talk to me. lets be friends and we can all go dance together.

I am not a feminist. i just don't like what has been going on and im sure alot of other people don't.

not every guy is sexist and an asshole, so dont think they all are. most guys think its cool when they see a girl mosh at shows.

and girls are always gonna have to deal with bullshit, thats inevitable. but if you take it upon yourself to not be a dick then thats a good start.

sorry if this was jumbled and long. but i felt like i needed to get this all out.

let me know what you think.
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