aLison (beautyofsilence) wrote in hold_my_own,

I guess I'll go first with the survey post....

:name: Alison

:age: 18

:location: Virginia

:favorite bands/type of music: too many to list really, blood for blood, bright eyes, i like everything.

:last show you attended: Municipal Waste last night at AlleyKatz

:When did you start going to shows?: when I was around 14 years old and me and my friend would lie and say we were going to a late movie at the mall and then walk to Buster's, this little shady ass bar in Colonial heights where local bands played.

:Why do you like to dance/mosh? How long have you been doing it?:
I like to do it because it's fun, I like getting the shit beat out of me and just being rough, i've never been a girly girl, i've always liked playing in the dirt, falling off of high things and picking my nose.

I've been "punk" moshing since i was about 15 and hardcore dancing/two stepping/god i dont even know what to fucking call it since last year.

:tell us a funny story about something that happened to you at a show: Im sure im not alone but my hand always manages to slip into some sweaty guys armpit when moshing.
i laugh constantly when im at shows, because everything is funny to me, especially when people get fucked up haha

:post a nice, clear picture of yourself or something else:

shitty pic. haha
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