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New CD by The Fux out now!!

Valiant Death is proud to release the third full length album from The Fux! Straight from Allentown, Pennsylvania the Fux mix 80's punk (like FEAR and early Social Distortion) with '77 style early rock/punk (like Iggy & The Stooges and The Dead Boys) to create a fast, furious, and very loud style all their own. Lyrically many of the Fux tunes focus on life on the run and a life ruined by drug use. The Fux aren't any college age straight edgers though, they're veteran punks that have been touring around the U.S. and Europe since 1997. This album is the next evolution of the Fux and a testament to punk music everywhere.

This third album features 17 new songs, over 50 minutes of music. In terms of style the Fux are umistakable but the sounds of their songs vary a great deal. With classic punk anthems like "Fuck Me, Fuck You" and "Bitch" mixed in with furiously played songs about a hard life of love, drugs, and loss like "The Fall" and "Dope" and all kinds of other styles. The Fux can play both hilarious and heart felt songs, three chord riffs and 6 minute songs full of changes and solos and breakdowns. The Fux have played for years for crowds of 5 and 500, and their energy and creativity has done nothing but grow, and "I'm On TV" is most certainly the culmination of all of their hard work and growth as musicians and people. So, if you're into real, honest, and fun punk music, check out this awesome album by the Fux!!

Click here to get it!

Listen to some MP3s:

I'm on TV

Fuck Me, Fuck You

No Place To Go
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