aLison (beautyofsilence) wrote in hold_my_own,

by the wayy

i used to be punkfaerie1303 but i got a new name after 3 sick of the old one...

i haven't been to a punk show in months. ever since i broke up with Charles i have no transportation to go see anything but metal and hardcore, which isn't bad, but i get bored standing to the side.

and the fact that my boyfriend is in This Present Darkness means i get to attend alot of their shows. they're metal i guess. man thats bad i dont even know what they are can dance/mosh to it so there ya go.

they're a good band and pretty popular around Richmond, Virrginia and tend to play shows in NC and va beach so if you see them on a flyer go check them out.

this was pretty pointless. i guess just saying hello.

oh, heres an idea...everyone post funny stories about shows and stuff so we can all laugh and. haha
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