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valiant death is from virginia and run by four people who love good music, good zines, and sending people mail. we've been doing this since 2002 and have almost 50 releases under our belt and a mailorder featuring close to 1,000 things made by friends near and far. Music, zines, books, buttons, you name it!! We even make custom buttons for people on the cheap!

we're having a big sale, free shipping, and a big mailorder update and with new music and zines from people like Ghost Mice, Madeline, Wax & Wane, and many more, this is a good time to check out our site and say hello. You can buy stuff with Paypal or just mail in your order, check us out!!!

Our site is: http://www.valiantdeath.com

Buy with Paypal or mailorder at http://www.valiantdeath.com

Wholesale available. Get Distroed: http://www.valiantdeath.com/about/get_distroed/

Coming soon: Madeline LP, Kyle Bravo CD, AMOM CD, "Yay For Cuteness" compilation

Post on our forum: http://www.valiantdeath.com/forums/

SALE Items

The Bananas "The First 10 years..." CD
Buzzkill "Up" LP
Laughing Stock "Things Left Behind" CD
Eulogy "The Sinking of the Navigator" CD
Twats "Hell In My Pants" CD
Newagehillbilly "IV: White Walls" CD
Mike Bell Five DIFFERENT albums for $2 each!
I-Farm "Two Selected Works" CD
Shock Treatment/Booter 7"
Booter 7"
The Krayons "Souvenirs from the scene of the crime1987-1995" LP
MFK "The Movie" LP

----------------------------------Valiant Death Releases on SALE----------------------------------------

Electric Frankenstein/The Fux/Moral Minority/The Strap-ons 7" ONE DOLLAR!
The New Minority "What's Left Of Our Freedom?" THREE BUCKS!!
The Strap-ons "Punk on Punk Crime" THREE BIG ONES!!


Buttons by Andrea:

MAILORDER UPDATE 7/22/06 ---- http://www.valiantdeath.com/catalog/ - now more than 800 items


MT GIGANTIC "Gleanings & Gatherings" <-----OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bookstore "s/t"
Justin Duerr "Constellatory Musical Time Machine"
Yes Sensei "We Who Transplant Sustain"
O Pioneers/Saw Wheel split
Justin Duerr "Constellatory Musical Time-Machine"
Pedals On Our Pirate Ships "s/t"
The Propellers "s/t"
Mail Myself To Thoreau "It's All Bout Tha Dolla"
Kevorkian's Angels "s/t"
Bugs & Rats "Smart As A Whip"
imadethismistake "the hypothetical child's hypothetical situation"
Northern Liberties "Live @ Bar Noir"
Rymodee/Ghost Mice split


Fat Is Beautiful
Smelling Trees #1 Zine
398 #8
398 #6/Zombies In The Snow #1
Ooh La La #4
Artichoke #8
Artichoke #9


The Skuds "Absurd" 7"
Northern Liberties/Bugs & Rats 7"
Apathetic Ronald McDonald/Final Draft "split" 7"
The Nasties/The Stuck-Ups "split" LP
Downdime 7"
Fascist Fascist LP

VALIANT DEATH RECENT RELEASES (available from http://www.valiantdeath.com )

online label sampler: http://www.valiantdeath.com/valiantdeathsampler.zip

Ghost Mice "Fairy Battle" LP
This is the first LP release from Bloomington's beloved Ghost Mice. This LP is a collection of songs released on three seperate split CDs but never on their own. These are songs that are very dear to many people and it's an honor for us to release them on vinyl, with a beautiful full color cover and labels with art by Chris Clavin!!

What The Devil Don't Know ZINE
This is a beautifully illustrated collection of songs (written for guitar) by folk singer/songwriter Madeline. The zine includes all the songs from Kissing & Dancing, The Slow Bang (coming soon from Valiant Death/Orange Twin), and her split with Dead Bird for a total of 32 songs. Each song includes complete lyrics, easy to understand chord diagrams (for beginner or advanced players), and lots of wonderful original illustrations by Madeline herself! This is a must have for any fan of Madeline's music, not just guitar players! Filled with great writing and wonderfully designed this is a fun read for just about anyone.

Joe Jack Talcum (DEAD MILKMEN, LOW BUDGETS) "Home Recordings 1984-1997" CD
This release is by far our most cherished project yet. Joe Jack Talcum's Home Recordings collection is 24 tracks spanning 13 years of Talcum's musical career. Best known as the guitarist and vocalist for the band the Dead Milkmen, this CD pays homage to Joe Jack Talcum's solo recordings, while only the tip of the iceberg of Joe Jack's complete music works, it still remains as an important collection of some of Joe's best loved songs. Joe's honest song writing and unique vocal and instrumental styles have clearly developed over the years and this collection serves as a testament to Joe's talent and style, and we release it in hopes of Joe's music being enjoyed by fans new and old.

Wax & Wane "Winter" CD
This is a re-release of Wax & Wane's first neo indie folk masterpiece, WInter. Wax & Wane bring forth a unique drawing from countless influences new and old. The band's songwriting is very organic and fluid, inspired by nature et cetera. Wax & Wane draws elements of it's own sound from the lo-fidelity folk movement of past American artists as well as from more staple performers of the mid-century folk revival that came out of Britain. With a beautiful array of instruments (guitar, piano, violin, bells) and a great blend of both male and female vocals, this album evokes a power and ambiance that is next to impossible to find in new music.

Other stuff:

Steve's Guide To Shitjobs Zine
Zine Scrapbook #1
Russ Substance "The Safest Place To Hide A Book" CD
The New Minority "What's Left of our Freedom?" CD
Lee Lewis "live @ UMBC" CD
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