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hi hi!

:name: andie
:age: 21
:location: oxnard, southern cali
:favorite bands/type of music: rites of spring, DYS, nation of ulysses, side by side, rival schools, bad brains (black dots lp!), egg hunt, etc...
:last show you attended: vagary show in east l.a. like a month ago
:When did you start going to shows?: 5 years ago
:Why do you like to dance/mosh? How long have you been doing it?: don't really dance at shows...i'm more of a "up-front-singing-along-with-a-finger-in-the-air" kinda girl.
:tell us a funny story about something that happened to you at a show: k, like 4 years ago IN CONTROL played a show at pat's (ventura, ca) and it was the first time i'd ever danced at a show...bunch a water on the floor and i ended up skidding towards the drum set. kinda embarrasing but i got over it pretty quickly.
:post a nice, clear picture of yourself or something else:

title or description
my pride and joy
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