(A)BBY (valiantdeathgrl) wrote in hold_my_own,


Alright people.
THIS Saturday's my 18th birthday, so we're gonna go camping on the beach beside my house!

It's a private beach so we can basically make all the noise we want, have all the substances we want, and do anything without being bothered by cops/asshole neighbors. So everyone should definitely come.

The beach is at the end of my road, James River Drive, in Carrollton, VA (23314). Mapquest it or ask me for directions. My address is: 22543 James River Drive, Carrollton, VA 23314. Call if you need help 757-434-7444 or 757-254-2966.

Everyone should get there at 8PM -- you don't really need to bring anything, but feel free to bring vegan food (only) and BYOB/substances but everyone's welcome so invite all your friends!

Let me know if you plan to come or need more information!
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