My life is like a bad movie (acheerangel444) wrote in hold_my_own,
My life is like a bad movie

:name: Katie

:age: 16 (17 in 12 days!)

:location: Virginia

:favorite bands/type of music: i always switch favorite bands, but at the moment, they are: comeback kid, cursive, AILD, HORSE the band, the blood brothers, the faint, the good life. i have a variety of taste in music

:last show you attended: local rock off at canal club last night

:When did you start going to shows?: around when i just turned 14.

:Why do you like to dance/mosh? How long have you been doing it?: because it's so much fun. it pumps me up and my addreniline (SP?!) is higher then ever so it barely hurts if i get punched or something and people are usually nice and they'll help you back up. i'm a girl, i realize that... so what of it? it makes me forget about everything wrong in the world and i just focus on me dancing. i've just started "dancing" this past year but i've been in punk moshes at local shows since i was about 14 or 15.

:tell us a funny story about something that happened to you at a show: i moshed last night durring a metal band and i was the only one throwing down and some kid like pushed me on my ass because he was doing the push you mosh.

:post a nice, clear picture of yourself or something else:
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aaaand one of me at a show
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